Issa Doumbia : The impressive picture of his new silhouette

Comedian and actor in the series, Our Dear Neighbours, Issa Doumbia has changed a lot since its debut on television. A weight loss awesome which began in 2016 when Issa decides to get his act together. Younger, he saw evil, the separation of his parents and takes refuge in food. He confided to Paris Match : ” When I was 19 years old, my parents separated. (…) So at this point, I stop everything and I take the weight. It was always a tragedy to see a family split up. It was complicated for me. “

But today, everything has changed. Issa trust Yanisport to achieve success in their weight loss. Sports Coach of several stars whose Iris Mittenaere, Keblack or Rachel Trapani, Yanis has designed a customized program for Issa Doumbia. The comedian regularly shares posts to thank his coach , “Please do not let me go and make me love the sport again.”

This weight loss has also sparked a lot of criticism. In its latest publication, Instagram, Issa Doumbia explains : “I was often told, ‘don’t change too much you will never be the same, we love you like that’ actually I’m no longer the same, I have a better health and you will love me maybe longer, as it #issavsissa thank you” An argument of weight, to finally silence those who comment on or criticize the new physical comedian.

For those interested, his coach Yanis makes available on its website advice and trainings. (