Issa Doumbia thin : a photo of her new silhouette and a tribute to their coach

Issa Doumbia is bluffing regularly his fans by revealing her physical changes. Wednesday, may 15, the stand-up comedian that does a lot of sport has once again unveiled a before/after amazing. But, most importantly, it has unveiled the secret of this change and paid tribute to his coach, Yanis.

The young man-36-year-old has posted on Instagram a photo of him damn thin. “When I see broadcasts that date back a year, I do not recognize myself and I tell myself that I’m proud of myself ! It is not a question of image but of health, mode of life, I could make a few steps and be tired ! I have always assumed this body, and I was not ashamed but I was troubled if I may say so lol. I still had joy and I had no trouble with the different looks of the others, but I felt less and less health. In my travels, or even on stage, I sometimes had trouble, so I kept my energy up for the show !“, he says first of all.

And how it has changed his life, it is his meeting with his coach, Yanis. In this post dedicated to reporters, Issa Doumbia their request to put this man rather than his loss of weight forward in their papers. : “Then I feel your different magazines that are going to use this photo for articles with titles that hook. But if you’re smart, do not write anything more about me, but TITRATE ‘ has struck again’. Get this guy in the whole world because it is the kind of person who needs to be put in before !

To transform Issa Doumbia, Yanis did not feel guilty. “It is not bare-chested to impress me or talk to me about girls non-stop during my sessions but to make me feel good in my body and in the head and find the positive benefits of sport, “says the comedian.