James Middleton in love with a French: the brother of Kate formalizes a picture !

The romance of James Middleton and Alizée Thévenet had been a breakthrough day in January last, when the British and the French had been photographed together in St. Barts, the opportunity to vacation with Pippa Middleton, her husband James Matthews and their son Arthur , born in October 2018. At the time, the Daily Mail had reported that their love story had begun six months earlier. Which means that they are together now for almost a year. The time that it took to James Middleton and Alizée Thévenet to formalize. A few details had also been delivered to the French 29-year-old financial analyst working in the City, trilingual, which has grown up between Germany, Indonesia, Chile, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

If the pretty blonde has never spoken about her romance with James Middleton, his father was responsible for it. “My daughter Alizée is very happy with James, they are very much in love, he had confided to the Daily Mail. He was even went so far as to reveal the circumstances of their meeting “in a bar.” “James offered her a drink and she didn’t know who he was until a friend told. She has already spent time with his family in their cottage. Things are getting serious between them,” he detailed.

Before this love story, James Middleton was in a relationship with Donna Air for five years, a romance that here time had largely fuelled the tabloids English.