Jean-Luc Romero : “Wait for me. I won’t be long”, message to her late husband

In may 2018, we learned of the death of Christopher Michel, then aged only 31 years of age in circumstances which have still not been officially revealed. Her husband, the elected representative of the 12th arrondissement of the capital city and a regional councillor of Ile-de-France Jean-Luc Romero is not forgotten. A year later, he has posted a message as poignant on Twitter.

Posting two lovely pictures of her husband, Jean-Luc Romero was accompanied by his publication of a very sad message. “Christophe. My half orange… 1 year in the absence of you. 365 days of missing you. This deprivation of you. Such an amputation… I wish I could still say : ‘come Back to us soon.’ But from where you are, there is no return. Wait for me. I will not be long. Think of it“, he wrote. The politician, who revealed his HIV status in may 2002, is however older than 59 years of age.