Jean-Pascal Lacoste’s change of mind before his marriage : “There, I stress !”

Jean-Pascal Lacoste has he chosen to change their mind in view of his coming marriage with Delphine Tellier ?

One thing is for sure, since a few days, the ex-student and is emblematic of the first Star Academy (TF1) assumes on Instagram his new fade unexpectedly. Now, the one who has been a singer, actor but also a television host is totally blond !

At the end of may 2019, he enjoyed his new look, taking the pose with three friends more… naked. “I am very worried… They had the same hair as me, same color and… Voila ! Damn, there I get stressed out ! #Plusunpoilsurlecaillou, “he said with a lot of humour.

Life side of the family, Jean-Pascal Lacoste is always also a lover of Delphine, the half-sister of Sylvie Tellier, and is looking more than ever to start a family with her. On February 20, a few days after Valentine’s day, he shared a love note that he had written his sweetheart. A word certainly full of love but… very unexpected. “I LOVE You because… you fartin ‘ and you rotes (like me) <3 And fuck the world“, was written Delphine on a piece of paper. Next to hashtags, Jean-Pascal was amazed by multiplying the indices relating to a possible marriage between his beautiful and in the months to come. “My future wife is like me“, “love crazy“, “you’re perfect“, “for better and for worse, “he commented, all accompanied by a émoji ring and four red hearts.

Last April, passing on France 2 in It starts today ! in the face of Faustine Bollaert, Jean-Pascal Lacoste – already a dad of Kylie (10 years old) and Maverick (6 years), the fruit of her love of the past with an American woman named Jennifer – confirmed its firm intention tomarry Delphine and having a first child together…