Jeanfi Janssens, new cosmetic surgery: “You’ve seen what they have done ?”

Jeanfi Janssens has again had recourse to plastic surgery. Thursday 9 may 2019, the comedian, 45 years of age was around the table of the chroniclers of Big-Heads” (RTL) and, in the beginning of the show, the host, Laurent Ruquier , noted that it had changed anything.

You agree that Jeanfi Janssens has yet done something ? There is still a cosmetic surgeon who has been there“, exclaimed the presenter ofOne is not lying (France 2). “I made a bang. Last week, we were shooting my DVD [the capture of his show Jeanfi Off, ED] and I wanted to be beautiful anyway“, thus recognized the columnist.

The band took the opportunity to bit of fun of him. “Almost we do not see more the left eye. You have seen what they have done ?“, joked one of the Big Heads. And Gérard Jugnot bid : “At the beginning I had the impression that he had done a facelift. He was shot in the forehead, stroke her hair swung to the back.

It is true that your hair is longer in back than front“, then found Laurent Ruquier. “Anyway here I noticed as soon as there is one who exceeds the criteria of beauty and that is a little more beautiful than the other, it breaks all the time, “concluded Jeanfi Janssens with a sense of humor.

The former candidate for Dancing with the stars had already mentioned its cosmetic operations on waves of Voltage. “For a moment, I have too many. At one time, you can lose yourself and not know your limits, do you think it’s magical to replace a hole by a kicker (…). You want to do everything, you want to have a baby skin, î he told in the show” The show of luxury.