Jeanne Mas, her suicide attempt : “I didn’t exist for my parents…”

In the last fifteen years exiled in the United States, Jeanne Mas is back on his amazing career in an autobiography entitled Reminiscences and a triple best of. In this book, she recounts the huge success of the 1980s, but also the behind-the-scenes : this image, in which it encloses, and that she had to flee to the United States. In a fascinating interview in Paris, Saturday, may 11, 2019, the interpreter tubes first time and In red and black back on some of the more prominent episodes of his career.

In Reminiscences, she wrote for the first that she has made a suicide attempt at 17 years old : “I didn’t exist for my parents, I arrived in Italy, where I didn’t exist no more. So I took pills… Luckily, I was shown that life mattered and that people cared for me. Music saved me from everything. Of the depression, the loss of loved ones… The music, it is with the dance with the most beautiful of therapies.

Among the meetings that really counted, it was his friendship with Daniel Balavoine , whose accidental death in 1986 was a trauma for many : “It is an avalanche that I was blown away, ” recalls Jeanne Mas. It was more than a best friend, I admired him as a father. It has given me confidence in myself, had put me on a pedestal and, without him, I was a stone which slipped to the bottom. According to him, even if I am beaten, I felt that I was missing the spark. He is irreplaceable. Today, you will see someone who has this courage ?

Jeanne Mas has the american nationality since four years. His eldest daughter, 30-year-old lives in Paris. His son, 27-year-old is based in New York. She continues the back-and-forth, especially at this time to defend his book but also to get back on stage for the show that Stars 80 currently on tour. It provides for a date solo in the spring of 2020 at the Olympia in Paris.