Jeff Bezos : A huge portion of his fortune soon spent by his ex-wife

MacKenzie Bezos, 49, is a wealthy woman. Very rich. Divorced from Jeff Bezos after the revelations in the press of the extramarital relationship of the boss of Amazon with Lauren Sanchez, she received the equivalent of $ 36 billion. A tidy sum which she has just revealed how she intends to use it.

As reported by Page Six, MacKenzie Bezos (Tuttle, his birth name) is part of the small new twenty signatories of the charitable program Giving Pledge, created by Warren Buffett (boss of Berkshire Hathaway), Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft) and his wife Belinda. It was launched in 2010. “There are a lot of resources in which each of us can draw upon to share with others – time, attention, knowledge, the patience, the creativity, the talent, the sense of stress, humour, compassion. In addition to all this, the nature of which I was offered as assets, I have an unbridled amount of money to share. My approach to philanthropy will continue to always be thoughtful. I will continue to take the time, to make efforts and to take care of others. But I can’t wait. And I will continue to give until the safe is empty, “she wrote in a press release.

MacKenzie Bezos joined the list of 204 people, coming from 23 different countries, who have agreed to donate half of their fortune, in their lifetime or at their death, to charity. The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos should therefore give about $ 18 billion if based on the amount of his fortune today. In fact, at the time of her divorce, she has agreed to let her ex-husband the majority of the shares held by the couple in the Amazon, the space company Blue Origin, and the Washington Post. It has 4% in Amazon and with the current share price, this gives $ 36 billion. It now occupies the 22nd position in the ranking of the richest people in the world…

Thomas Montet