Jenifer and the fatal accident : held to be at fault, she wanted to “stop”

Jenifer is in full form ! The singer of 36 years has just granted an interview to Gala, to promote his new tour, Flaming and Electrical, from her latest album, New Page. She explains how she regained the desire to get back on stage, after the accident traumatic that she lived in march 2017. The minibus in which he was the singer for her tour, crashed into a car on the A1 motorway, with two dead and seven injured.

I can’t deny the fact that this tour has a very specific taste for me. Two years ago, after the traffic accident drama, I admit that I said to myself : ‘I quit !’ I had lost the urge, and it took me to find the strength to return to the path of the studios, and then the road, “says the mother of a family, to our colleagues. Jenifer Bartoli then had to draw the courage to come back on stage with his fans and his family : “It has encouraged me to get back to work after this difficult period. It is important to know that it went very far…

So far that Jenifer has been held responsible for this fatal accident by some people with evil intentions. “We went so far as to accuse me of of me to use this terrible accident as a promotional item. At one point, I asked myself the question : and if I had not sung that night ? And if we had not chosen to return to Paris in the van after the concert ? Maybe he would have nothing past… I live with it and I had to take the necessary distance to be able to recharge myself and find my own, “says the juror of The Voice. A tragic event today behind it.

Find the interview of Jenifer Bartoli in full in the latest issue of Gala, in kiosks.