Jenifer : In pajamas in The Voice, a look passed

If this is not his voice that is the note on the premiums, it is by its various outfits that the coach Jenifer attracts all eyes ! Greenhouses-head of pearls and crystals, Miu Miu, shoes Alexandre Vauthier or dresses Balenciaga,… the beautiful brunette has taste and doesn’t hesitate to show it. From singer to influenceuse mode, there is only a step. Or rather, what a bonus !

For the show The Voice this evening, Jenifer chooses before all the comforts to advise his team of talents. We knew the trend sleepwear (or “pajamas”) to the mode, and the coach Jenifer was not deceived. And for Jenifer, fashion is sacred ! The price of this set sleepwear brand Boys Infidels is estimated at 1000 euros.

Compounds of tiles, red and grey, the shirt is at the price of 515 euros, and the pants just 385 euros. This is the account Instagram Jenmode that allows you to discover all the outfits for Jenifer in its various representations. A choice of dress that could once again create the buzz around the lovely Jenifer. To accompany this ensemble, she chose shoes black varnish very sexy as well as a hair style ponytail low single.

If some regret the high price outfits Jenifer in premiums, most of these clothes are loaned by the production. In all cases, our singer Jenifer does not have to be ashamed to know to combine elegance and glamour in each of its appearances.