Jennifer Lopez : Her future husband Alex Rodriguez in cahoots with her ex Marc Anthony

Betrothed to Alex Rodriguez since the 9th of last march, Jennifer Lopez is very close to the children of his new darling. She said to the magazine People last December : “I have been very loving with his children and him with mine, and they all immediately agreed.” The former baseball player has on his side confided : “Our children became the best friends in the world and it allows us to keep our feet on the ground and be very satisfied.”

But that’s not all ! True to form, J. Lo goes even further. She even managed to create a real friendship between his new sweetheart, A-Rod and her ex-husband Marc Anthony. For evidence, Alex Rodriguez posted a video of the may 30, 2019, where it’s seen sitting between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. They attended together at the recital of Max Muniz, the son born of the union increased from these last two.

Far from being nervous about the ex of his future wife, A-Rod appears to be totally relaxed and even laughing in the face of the songs of his two neighbors. J. Lo and her ex are having fun singing “I will always love you” together. Very modestly and with a touch of humor, Alex Rodriguez comments : “Those who know how to sing sing. Those who do not know how to sing to sit between two people who know how to sing and are silent ! #jenesuispasunchanteur.”