Jessica Chastain is attacked in the middle of the street… by a horse !

Jessica Chastain has had a mishap on 26 may 2019. While she was hitching a ride in the streets of what it seems to be New York, the actress, 42-year-old approach a horse. Blinders and surfaix, this horse seems to drag a horse-drawn carriage, as we sometimes see in the street. The temptation was too great for Jessica Chastain, who was held to approach and to pet the horse.

Only, the animal, a dress, grey speckled, has not really appreciated the presence of the actress, to the poster of X-Men : Dark Phoenix. “Are we allowed to pet the horse ? I would not like to do something to be pissed…”, exclaims Jessica Chastain, who was unable to finish his sentence. She was cut off by the bite brief, but powerful of the animal near her left breast.

A cry of pain is coming out then of the actress, who finds herself very surprised by the gesture, suddenly the animal. After trying to create an ultimate contact of tenderness with the horse, Jessica Chastain resign. “Okay, I will caress you now !“, says t-it.