Jessica Thivenin, alcohol during her pregnancy ? Furious, she explains

In April 2019, Jessica Thivenin revealed to be pregnant with her first child. Since the announcement of her pregnancy on social networks, the lover and wife of Thibault Garcia received many of the recommendations of the users about the conduct to follow. Sunday, may 19, the mom-to-be was disgusted in the face of some of the comments…

Whilstthey live in Dubai, the lovers enjoyed a night for two and dinner in a giant aquarium. During this meal, Jessica Thivenin filmed their table and internet users have been arrested by his glass filled with a red drink that many have taken to wine. It is then that the alert messages were showering.

In the Face of the anxiety and the insistence of his followers, the mom-to-be answered in a video, always on Instagram. “Yesterday when I was at the restaurant, I was not drinking wine ! It was a sort of tea, I don’t know what… What are mixtures they are doing, “assured the former candidate of Marseille (W9). And to explain : “We took a menu without alcohol, my darling and me, the both of you. Because he was driving, and that I am pregnant. I’m not crazy ! So it is not the time to send me messages of SOS alarming. I haven’t drunk alcohol since I know that I’m pregnant, it’s been a while !

Remember that before it, another candidate of reality tv had been suspected of having consumed alcohol during her pregnancy. Jazz, then pregnant with her daughter, Chelsea, had been seen in a nightclub, drink in hand. “Being pregnant is not being sick, it normally lives. Even a person with a disability can exit to a nightclub. So I don’t see why we would not come out“, she said on Snapchat. About the content of his glass, the young mother had continued : “When you’re pregnant, you drink. I drank a glass, but a glass of apple juice.” Of the explanations which had put an end to the controversy. Since then, Jazz and her lover Laurent have welcomed their little Chelsea (1 year and a half), as well as a second baby, the little Cayden was born in February 2019.