Jessica Thivenin : Pregnant, she assumes her cellulite in a bikini

In love and happy, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia regularly share moments of happiness on social networks. Moving to Dubai, a dream vacation all around the world in love, the couple dream for their fans who follow them on social networks. Perfect pictures and often retouched, which can sometimes create controversy. Why ? Just because some fans regret the fact that the networks do not reflect the reality.

But that was before ! On 25 may 2019, Jessica Thivenin response and sharing several pictures of herself in a bikini on the edge of a pool “Little corner of paradise for our 2 year ❤️” On these photos, one discovers as well her beautiful baby bump but also her body, to the natural. Immediately, the viewers reacted and congratulated the young woman : “I love it. She assumes. It has not smoothed the cellulite. We have all. That’s life!”, “Thank you for showing your little imperfections that show that you are “human” like us.”, “It’s nice to see no retouching on cellulite finally, anyone who assumes. Beautiful.”

Jessica would have given in to the trend of the “Celfie“? This trend was intended to display proudly and without hesitation, her body and especially her cellulite. The photo must be posted on a Saturday, as did Jessica, with the hashtag #cellulitesaturday, but that does not appear, however, on his photo.

In all cases, Jessica Thivenin proves that she assumes her body, and she seems to be even more fulfilling than ever before ! Interviewed by Mr. Kuro on Youtube, Jessica says to think about the choice of the name of his unborn baby : “It is a muddle ! It is not at all in agreement ! Thibault is a first name in his head, he let loose not the case, this is Carmen, if it is a girl. So, for sex, prefer a boy because it is really focused on Carmen !”,“I love Ivana, Ciara, and for a boy Angel. (…) We will first eliminate a sex and after we choose a first name.”

The birth of Jessica is scheduled for the end of the year, the couple still has a few months to agree…