Jessie J unveils a tattoo with a (huge) spelling mistake…

Like many other young people, Jessie J has a tattoo a little in a hurry. Thirteen years ago, she decided to do the burn on the hip, a phrase that has a lot of importance to it : “Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars.” In French, it gives “Only bewilders you not in the blur of the stars” and if it tells you anything, it is that it is one of the words of her song Who You Are, released in 2011.

On Thursday, may 9, 2019, Jessie J, released on Instagram a photo of her in a swimsuit, revealing in passing his large tattoo on the right hip. To the astonishment of his fans, his tattoo has a beautiful spelling mistake. The word “lose” was spelt “loose“, completely changing the meaning of the sentence. “Lose” means “lose” and “loose” means “something that does not take place”.

Aware of this gross error, Jessie J is explained in the caption of her photo. “Yes, I misspelled the tattoo. Yes, I repeat, it is misspelled. Yes, I have done this in Essex. Yes I was 18 years old. Yes, I still don’t know the difference between lose and loose, “says the wife of Channing Tatum. The singer then revealed her little technique to hide the spelling mistake : “Yes, that is the reason why I only wear sizes high“, she explains. Hoping that its 8 million subscribers have understood the lesson !