Jesta (Koh-Lanta) 8 months pregnant : Benedict laughs at her picture

Friday 10 may 2019, the young woman of 26 years has given its new after having spent her last ultrasound. And his future son, Juliann, was in very good health ! “Everything went very well. It has the head down, so already that’s cool. (…) He was good, he was awake. This is a good little baby, rather tall and well-made. Here, it is to 2,200 pounds. This is not a small shrimp. This may be why I have a big belly. (…) For the moment, it is estimated to be 3.9 kilograms at birth. Therefore, it is a beautiful baby. Everything can evolve, “said Jesta.

She then admitted to her fans that she had “taken a lot of weight“, but she was trying to be careful. At the end of April, Jesta revealed to have taken 20 pounds : “We do not see it because I do not show, I take about 40 photos before having a correct one and I dress to hide it. But the 20 pounds are present as well, even if I plug royally for the moment. Only the health of my son is important, the rest is futile and we will see later.