Johnny Hallyday : Nathalie Baye draws a delicate picture with Laura child

Nice photo of the family or stings discreet ? On 17 may 2019, Nathalie Baye published since his account Instagram a tender holiday photo of his old friend, Johnny Hallyday. He poses alongside his mother Huguette and her daughter, Laura Smet. “Johnny between his mom and his daughter in the Hollow.. nice holiday“, simply wrote the actress of 70 years.

By posting this photo, Nathalie Baye would try it to believe that it is she who has reconciled Johnny with his mother, Huguette ? For many years, the Taulier and her mother have had a tumultuous relationship. Abandoned fifteen days after his birth by his father, Léon Smet, Johnny Hallyday has not been able to rely on his mother Huguette Clerc, a model by profession, who has very quickly resumed its activity after childbirth. When he was a child, this is Helena, the sister of Leon, who took care of him.

In his interview granted to the Point April 12, 2019, Laeticia Hallyday had handed things clear : it is she who has helped him to overcome his demons and it is mostly she who has reconciled with his mother, Huguette. “We started this conversation by the abandonment of his father, but in the soul, dented my man there was also the abandonment of her mother. I wanted to meet his mom before our wedding. I told him : ‘I can’t marry a man without knowing his mother.’ He responded : ‘You know, my relationship with my mother, it’s complicated. I can’t call mom, she abandoned me.’ Laura and David didn’t know it either, they had already been seen once in their life. I met his mother and I fell in love with it, “explained Laeticia Hallyday to our colleagues.

“I tried to persuade my man to accept the request for forgiveness from his mother. I insisted that she come and live with us. Especially because she had a disability. He finished by saying, ” yes. One day, he would eventually call mom. I remember it very well, “recalled the mother of Jade and Joy. The two different versions.