Julien Bert sentenced to jail : on The verge of tears, he explains

According to The Progress, the candidate of the Marseillais Julien Bert has been sentenced to two years in prison, including six months suspended, and a 20 000 euro fine. Guest in Key not at my post office on Monday 13 may 2019, he spoke for the first time on his sentence in order to silence some of the rumors.

In a first time, Julien Bert has announced that it has appealed the judge’s decision. It is then returned to the facts alleged against him : “I have a charge of ‘criminal association’. Five years ago, I met some people on the Paris. (…) A person that I’ve seen a dozen times in a nightclub I was offered a trip to Punta Cana with a friend of me. (…) Here we go with my best friend, the whole stay went very well. But as the days progressed, the more there was of stuff shady.

I want to cry

Julien Bert is finally found in spite of himself at the heart “of a scandal“: “The last day, we were told that it was not going to go home with our own suitcases. One is in the car, we head to the airport. I begin to wonder what they told me. I said : ‘Do not think that you are gone for free… Everything has a price in life.’ The tone also changes in the car. I understand that he threatens me.” Theformer boyfriend of Carla Moreau also realized that the drugs were in the suitcases that we tried to give it to him. Immediately, he refused to be an accomplice. He even had come to blows with the man who has made the proposal so that it returns his passport : he had in fact taken at the beginning of the stay, supposedly for him to organize outings.

The man in question, was thus threatened in France. Julien Bert is unknown if this person was terminated, but he discovered that his name appeared when the network was dismantled. “I am innocent, therefore I want to appeal. I want to cry“, he confided with tears in her eyes. The candidate of reality tv is not the only one to have suffered this history.

It’s been terribly wrong with my family

His grand-mother, of whom he is very close, “collapsed“, and called him in tears after he discovered his conviction. “It’s been five years that we lived with it. We waited for this trial to turn the page, it was thought that I would have a relaxed… It didn’t happen like that. I don’t know why the judge has not gone in that sense. I do not deserve this punishment. I was a victim of my naivety, my credulity“, he lamented.

Cyril Hanouna asked him how he lived this case. “Very badly. It’s been four days that it comes out everywhere. It is terribly wrong to my family. (…) I am collapsed in front of my grandmother. I’ve come to crying because of it all. I know that indirectly I’m doing harm to my family, but the media turns around”, he replied.