Julien Bert sentenced to two years in prison for drug trafficking ?

The verdict is in and it has certainly not been a pleasure to Julien Bert. On April 3, 2019, the candidate of the Marseillais had gone to the Court of Paris in order to appear for possession, importation of drugs and conspiracy. The decision, of deliberation, was rendered Tuesday, may 7, 2019. According to The Progress, the young man of 27-year-old was sentenced to two years in prison, including six months suspended, and a 20 000 euro fine. The public prosecutor had requested a two-year sentence.

Julien Bert has very quickly reacted to this information on Instagram. Furious, the former candidate of the Angels has hit out at the journalists. “You know what it means to be persecuted all the time? Harassed ? Be tired out by all this ? Have the moral to zero even in the socks sometimes, because of these journalists to the quest of the buzz at any price ?“, “he protested. He then spoke of his situation : “You have well understood that I am not in prison as some in the media assert it high and strong. I am actually in the train in the train to go home. And the sanction that I have had by the court only looks at me and my family. No respect.

Reminder of the facts

As a reminder, Julien Bert had been arrested at the end of 2015 by the drug squad when he was on his way home. He was suspected of being involved in an “extensive drug trafficking at the international“. In particular, he was accused of having served as a door-case at the airport of Punta Cana in the dominican Republic, in October 2014. Following his arrest, he had made 96 hours of custody and a few days of preventive detention. After having heard at the Court of Paris in April last, the prosecutor had requested two years in prison.

The lawyers have found a very severe punishment in the light of the facts I alleged. However, it is customary for the prosecutor to demand the maximum penalty, “said Julien Bert to Public after his court appearance. He then said to never have done anything to spend in his luggage on this trip in the dominican Republic : “I categorically refused this transaction. I had to come to blows in order to hear my refusal. I’ve even been threatened with retaliation by France for this !

Theformer boyfriend of Carla had then revealed that he did not consume drugs and that,”voluntarily“, he performed “blood tests very driven” to prove it.