Justin Trudeau : Moving declaration of love to his wife for their 14 years of marriage

After fourteen years of marriage and a job as grueling as that of Prime minister of Canada, it seems to be difficult to maintain the flame. Justin Trudeau has just proved to the contrary. Sophie Gregory and him seem to be always in love, even after more than ten years we spent together. This is consistent with the great texts that the spouses have posted on their accounts Instagram respective, may 28, 2019, for their 14 years of marriage.

Publishing a tender photo of his girlfriend and him in each other’s arms, Justin Trudeau writes beautiful words : “Happy birthday, Sophie. 14 other years of love and adventures together. I love you,” A lovely message used by more than 255 000 supporters. Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau has also published a photo of her and her husband together on a houseboat. “To you, my husband’s favorite. It has now been 14 years is going through all the ups and downs that the life we live… To all the couples, applaud your union in the beautiful moments as in the difficult moments. Continue to move forward and look to the front !“, she emphasised.

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire are the happy parents of three adorable children, Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien. Very popular, the Prime minister from the ranks of the liberal Party of Canada and 47-year old has already made several trips around the world, in family, in India, in February 2017, where he posed proudly with his small tribe.