Karim Benzema : In tears in front of pictures of her children in Daily

Thursday 16 may 2019, Karim Benzema was the guest of Everyday life (TMC). The footballer, 31-year-old has agreed to discuss his vision of the team of France of football, his career at Real Madrid, but also his family life. Yann Barthes did not hesitate to ask him questions about his two adorable children, Ibrahim (3 years) and Melia (5 years), showing the old Blue family photos.

Your children have changed anything in your life ? We are going to look because you post everywhere on Instagram”, asks Yann Barthes. “My children… that’s all. I don’t even have the words, it touches me to the heart. It is very much in fact, I don’t have the words. He must not show it, otherwise it is going to put me to tears, “he says, tears in his eyes. It was seeing a photo of his son Ibrahim and her child as Karim Benzema cracked in the bottom and in tears on the plateau of Daily life. “Sorry, I didn’t want to make you cry, “says the facilitator.

You teach them what ?“, continuing Yann Barthes. “All, respect. They are still a little small to speak to them about everyday life. I try not to put them in a comfort and I wish they’d go find the work themselves, and then they always respect their parents and the people, “says Karim Benzema.