Karl Lagerfeld : His ex-protege Baptiste Giabiconi dedicated a documentary

The fashion industry has discovered the face of Baptiste Giabiconi in 2009. The model and singer of the now 29-year-old has participated in many projects of Karl Lagerfeld in quality of model and muse.

Karl Lagerfeld died on 19 February at the age of 85 years. The day of her disappearance, Baptiste Giabiconi had dedicated a farewell letter : “Karl, my guardian angel, since our meeting, thou hast been my guide, what would I become without you ? I think of all those people who have crossed your path and you’re marked forever. I think of Eric, Virginia, Sebastien, Brad, Jake and many others who like me, feel orphaned today. I am proud of this path at your side, the path sometimes treacherous in an environment that was not mine. I had to discover this, thou hast stretched out his hand and you’ve ever dropped. I am fortunate to have learned so much by your side, you, so grown, so brilliant, be at hand, thank you, thank you for being there for me, for us. Today I lose a part of me, a Pygmalion, a father, a guide, a pan of my life flying with you. You will remain forever in my heart.