Kev Adams down by Thierry Ardisson : Iris Mittenaere uncomfortable

Managed to Iris Mittenaere. After being crowned Miss France and Miss Universe 2016, the beautiful brunette 26 year old has made his debut as host on TF1 in Ninja Warrior 3, in the summer of 2018. She then participated in the ninth season of Dancing with the stars and, last November, she released her autobiographical book Always believe in it.

This is not all ! Since may 2, last, she assumes the role of leader of review at the Paradis Latin in the show The bird paradise of choreographer Kamel Ouali. On this occasion, she was the guest of Thierry Ardisson in The Earth from Saturday !, on C8. And it was not without a hint of his former love affair with Kev Adams.

The question that arises is who is Mister Universe ?“, has first of all asked the man in black. And to add, in the face of Iris Mittenaere a little uncomfortable : “At the beginning, it was believed, and then we realized that it was not him. The actor, of which I will not speak. To him, it was clear a trick it is that he chooses better her friends than her films.” A small tackle, which got a laugh out of a yellow young woman. This last was then referred to the difficulties of finding love : “It is not necessarily approached by people who wish you well. And unfortunately the people who could be good for we dare not necessarily we deal with. I think it was easier before.

Iris Mittenaere was also featured in 50 Minutes Inside. Viewers learned that for The bird of Paradise, she trained very hard for two months in order to be at the point for the first, as well in regard to the dance than the song. “It’s pretty intense, it was very long days. It is a bit difficult physically, but it is also hyper-exciting. I have the chance to achieve one of my dreams, “she confided. The 30 dancers and the former beauty queen trained eight to ten hours per day, six times per week. Then, the great friend of Camille Cerf was his vocal coach, who works on the show The Voice. The work has paid off since the first opinions are very positive. The paradise !