Kev Adams, a flashback to Iris Mittenaere ? “Well, we’ll see…”

Kev Adams is 27 years old only and already a ten-year career. The comedian and actor travels through France with a new show, aptly titled to Be 10 years. In a great interview in the new issue of Gala, on newsstands this may 8, 2019, he speaks of his love life and his romance with Iris Mittenaere, Miss France and Miss Universe 2016.

The magazine Gala asked him if this love story is over. Kev Adams casts a little doubt : “I prefer to say that it is complete for the moment. But you never know what life is made of !” As to a possible flashback, the actor replied : “well, We’ll see…

In his new one-man show, he makes a nod to this love story that was so commented upon in the press : “In my show, I touch on the intimate, I am talking about my brothers, my mother and my relationship with Miss Universe, said he in march in TV Magazine. Once again, I’m talking about it on two valves into reality, then I speak more about romantic relationships in general and what I’ve learned thanks to it.

In Gala, the young man of 27 years shares his doubts : “I don’t think I be ready to live as a couple, for the moment. I am perhaps part of a generation that wants to live, to enjoy this youth out. Me install, live today with a girl, it would be like to enter a new phase of my life and I think that would be premature. At the same time, I wonder if it has to choose really, these things ? Is it possible to really calculate his love life as one can do for a career ? I don’t think. Then I try to listen to my instinct. And, for the moment, my instinct told me : ‘Cool, quiet, all goes well.’ But who knows what the future holds for me…

While Kev Adams continues to tour this anniversary, his former girlfriend, the sublime Iris Mittenaere, made its debut at the Paradis latin in the journal Bird Paradise.