Kev Adams ignored by Lily-Rose Depp : “It is not !”

Kev Adams with 5.6 million subscribers on his page Instagram. Many people who follow the daily distinct of the comedian of 27 years.

In an interview with Gala, the former companion ofIris Mittenaere speaks on what he’s doing to his smartphone. It used to come in contact with other personalities, with more or less success. The one who returns with a new show dubbed Am 10 years reveals caught a big wind from a certain Lily-Rose Depp. Not having the direct contact with the 19 year-old daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, Kev Adams has used Instagram to offer him a project. “I had written to Lily-Rose Depp for a film, “he says. I said to him : ‘Hi, I’m Kev. It was an excellent scenario for you to read, it would make me happy too you to read.’ I was doing shit, a good message.” The comedian and actor (last seen in the Alad’2) did not want to give the impression of being “the heavy Insta” dredge. Despite all these precautions, Kev Adams has not harvested more than a mere “Seen“. “Lily-Rose Depp, if you we look at : ‘is It not‘”, he concluded in a tone of humor.

During the interview, he also entrusted to send messages to Emmanuel Macron, which he admits to having stolen the number from the phone : “I send him texts like : ‘Hi Manu.’ And he answers not.” He also revealed what photo he regretted having posted it on his page Instagram, a black and white portrait, dating back to February 21, last. “I not wear the hat well actually“, he said once the photo is online. Posts “ego trip” in which he says to not be a big fan.