Khloé Kardashian threatened with death by Lamar Odom, her ex-husband drugged

P*****that is-what are you doing ? You are trying to fuck me to shame in front of my friends ?, had then shouted Lamar Odom on Khloé Kardashian, grabbing violently. I will kill him ! You don’t know what I’m capable of !

Today weaned, Lamar Odom deeply regrets his behaviour with Khloé Kardashian, as well as his many adulteries. In his book, the former Los Angeles Lakers player writes : “I have not been able to control the deadly mixture of celebrity, addiction, a career on the decline and infidelity. I couldn’t keep my dick in my pants or cocaine out of my nose.

Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian were married in September 2009, after a month of relationship only. The star of reality tv had forced them to leave their home in 2013 because of his infidelities, revealed in the press by the testimony of several mistresses.

In October 2015, the former Los Angeles Lakers player had been close to death after a drug overdose. Khloé Kardashian had temporarily suspended the divorce proceedings to be able to make all medical decisions. Their divorce was finally pronounced in December 2016.