Kim Kardashian : Baby, it’s the lookalike of her daughter in Chicago !

Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities most followed on social networks. She plays with his millions of followers, trying filters, transforming the face of the users. Rejuvenated baby, the superstar is the double of his daughter in Chicago.

Kim Kardashian has over 140 million subscribers on Instagram. She has released new images in his story from Tuesday 28 may 2019. The bomb 38-year-old and a new mom of a Psalm (born may 9, 2019) was filmed in the car, trying the filters of the application. She has a crush for the baby.

Kim has found that it looked like two drops of water to her daughter, Chicago. In her selfie video, she slips into the skin of the baby and declares : “I love my mom, it’s the best !