Kim Kardashian : The secret of its spectacular curves at the Met Gala 2019

Monday, may 6, Kim Kardashian shined at the prestigious Met Gala in 2019, which brought together the who’s who of fashion around the theme “Camp : Notes on fashion”. The wife of Kanye West has had the privilege to wear an original creation by Manfred Thierry Mugler, designed especially for her and her curves aliens. Rightly, many are questioning this dress and its comfort…

In a video released by Vogue, we discover Kim Kardashian during the last fittings before the big night. Under the dress of silicone-coated crystals, the star wears a corset designed in Paris. It takes three people to help the star to slip it on but once fitted, the movements of Kim are very limited : “Okay Anna [speaking to Anna Wintour, the organizer of the Met gala, ED] if I can’t sit at your dinner, you know why. I’ll stand and I mêlerai to the guests but I can sit half-way.

On the pink carpet of the Met Gala, the outfit Kim Kardashian has made a sensation. Some users have even accused her of cheating, but his coach sports, Melissa Alcantara, has taken to his defense on Instagram, insisting that, corset or not, Kim worked his silhouette as a top-level sporting six days per week.

Later in the evening, Kim and Kanye went to the’Up&Down, in the neighborhood of the West Village, where was held an after party. The star of 38 years, who will soon have their fourth child (they used a surrogate mother), wore another creation from Thierry Mugler is equally spectacular, and paying tribute to Cher.