Koh-Lanta 2019 – Angelic eliminated and betrayed : “I was disappointed to Maxim”

After the departure of Brice and Sophie, it is Angelique who has been eliminated from Koh-Lanta, the war chiefs Friday 17 may 2019 on TF1. The young, athletic 24-year old book, with Purepeople.comon his adventure. The opportunity to discuss the strategies of Cindy, the turning of the jacket of Maxim or its conflictual relationship with Nicolas.

How did you feel when you were eliminated ?
A lot of disappointment and sadness. I was very disappointed… I was expecting, but I wasn’t ready. I think I didn’t deserve to leave at this time. After that, no one will say to earn his departure… but it is the strategies, it is !

Want-you-to-your classmates have voted against you ?
No, I do not want to person. This is the game and he had to vote against someone. It may be sad, but I think it serves no purpose to blame the other or even wanting to. It is necessary to accept the game !

Want you to Maxime, who has returned his jacket in the hopes of calming tensions ?
I was very disappointed with the reversal of the jacket of Maxim. I want no more. But just, he has done exactly what we said he should not do. He acted like everything in the world according to Cindy. It is that which is ugly, in fact.

According to you, why have you been taken to target for votes ?
Maximus had the totem, Nicholas had made a pact with Cindy. She was committed not to vote against him, she respected his word. It was Aurélien and me. Aurélien was less dangerous than me, strategically speaking.

Do you understand the strategy of Cindy that you find too strategist ?
I understand, I was likely to make strategies against it, as I have already done it. And it could have cost him his place or his collar. She has made the right choice for his game.

I was very disappointed with the reversal of the jacket of Maxim

We see you pick up the necklace, to no avail…
It has long sought with Aurélien, all afternoon. It has not been found. It was written in advance. I thought it was weird that the Reds did not have collar on their island, this was not possible. I was convinced that they had found and that they had not said. This is what happened finally. I would have been able to look again and again, I am sure that there were more necklaces.

Why not have asked directly to Steeve his collar ?
For me, it was out of the question to ask. Simply because I didn’t want to have a negative response. It would hurt because he has always said that the necklace would be in the collective of Yellow. On the accomplished fact, I felt that this necklace was not going to be a collective at all. And well I did not ask him see that I am taken to the council…

Precisely, do you understand his reaction to the board ?
No, I have not too understood. It made me even more ill to the point where I was at. I had a lot of trouble getting over his words, it was strong. Especially as I had not asked anything, it was even more difficult.

What do you have to blame Nicholas for several weeks ?
I accused him of being involved in an adventure where he has lots of suffering, be it hunger, lack of his loved ones. It is not very active on the camp. He wanted to leave, he had tired of the adventure, he suffered more than any other thing. We discussed it over and over again. Today, with the benefit of hindsight, we laugh about it. But at the time, it is hard and annoying.

I don’t understand the reaction of Steeve

How was the return to reality ?
Very odd to find her life. One has the impression of being a small pawn that arrives, a little lost. Find a job, his family… It seems that it wasn’t us before. Having been cut off from the world all the time, it’s really weird. It picks up gradually our activities, sports, work. We try to make up for lost time with our loved ones. With time, we’ll be hiking.

What has been the most hard on the camp for you : hunger, hygiene, the lack of close relatives, the fatigue ?
For me, it was mostly boredom. It was horrible those long hours. Then it was because it was going to look for wood, it was a fire, we’re going to try to eat, in the water… And then after, nothing more, nothingness. So here, we are hungry and we only talk about food all the time, it was the topic that came up the most often. We did not speak almost it.

How was your arrival at the residence of the final jury ?
Too top ! We had to eat, a bed, it was too good ! There has been much discussion of what had happened during the adventure, strategies.

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