Koh-Lanta 2019 – Angelica and Beatrice : Their “head” off

During the last episode of Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads (TF1) broadcast Friday 17 may 2019, Angelica has been eliminated by his comrades. Recall that the young woman would have been able to leave the game already two weeks earlier. In fact, as Cindy had revealed on Instagram, Beatrice had mounted a strategy against his comrade. For Purepeople.comAngelique expresses himself on the subject.

When Beatrice has been eliminated, and Angelique was surprised. Finally, after the council, the latter has learned that, in reality, the adventuress referred to at the outset this evening, that was it. Cindy had revealed that Angelica was in the viewfinder of Beatrice : “She was not an angel, and has requested through the Maxime and Brice to change our vote against Maud to vote against Angelic, but all of it in the greatest discretion, of course.

After his elimination, Angelique has joined the residence of the final jury or she found Brice, Sophia, Frederick, Alexander… and Beatrice. The opportunity to settle accounts with the former head of the Yellow. “I wanted to discuss with Beatrice at the end of three days because it took me a little time to recover from my adventure, swallow my disposal. I was still very sad to leave, jen’was hoping for one thing : the return to the adventure. I had to make the mourning of my game, “says Angelica. And continue : “In fact, when I wanted to talk to him, she refused. We got a bit caught the head, and the discussion was turned.

Today, the two young women are still not explained. “She never wanted to talk about it. I did not once, not two !“, found Angelic.

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