Koh-Lanta 2019 : Angelique eliminated, the tribe settles accounts with Maxime !

Last week, Brice has led to Sophie, his partner, in his fall. The duo’s destiny-bound has been eliminated of Koh-Lanta , the war of the heads (TF1). It is, therefore, to ten adventurers of the tribe reunited continue the game. Between strategy and low blows, anything goes !

Game comfort

In the aftermath of the council, the sun rises over the camp white. Maxim is discovered by the sea that a target has been filed. The purpose is to allow adventurers to train for the ordeal to come. Feeling threatened, the former head of the Blue trains only and does not warn his comrades. Finally, all train.

Arrived at the game comfort, the ten adventurers learn by Denis Brogniart that they are going to form two teams of five people for the day for the event of archery. At the draw, Aurélien and Steeve are team leaders.

The team of Aurélien : Maxim, Angelique, Cyril, Mohamed.

The team Steeve : Clo, Nicolas, Maud, Cindy.

Before you start the test, here is the reward for the winners : departure to the island to the discovery of a village to enjoy a typical dinner cooked with the local population. The winners will have the opportunity to sleep on site and will attend a great show.

To win the game, the teams will face by duo. The one whose arrow comes closest to the target remains in the game, the other is permanently eliminated. The duels are beginning to Cyril and Clo, first point for Cyril removes his comrade. Aurélien eliminates in turn Nicolas… Finally, the team Steeve dates back to the slope by eliminating Mohamed and Angelic ! And then, big surprise, Maxime, who has practiced archery for years, was beaten by Cindy, who has not the level. Finally, it is the team of Steeve who wins the event !

Steeve, Clo, Nicolas, Maud and Cindy are going to enjoy their comfort. Very moved to see the young children of the village, Nicolas crack up thinking of her son, Mathis. After a meal of dreams and an impressive ceremony, they spend the night in real beds !

On the camp, the mood is less jovial. Aurélien and Maxim ruminent their defeat. Fortunately, Cyril keeps his good mood. The strategies also embrace the more beautiful. Angelic and Aurélien wish to vote against Nicolas or Cindy. Maxime follows them, and the trio is looking for a necklace of immunity. The old chief wishes to join Mohamed, who has inherited the black vote for Brice, its cause. At the time of sleep, rain pattering on the camp… Not what the smile on your face the adventurers.

Immunity challenge

It is blinded that the ten adventurers will compete in this immunity challenge. Their mission : to reproduce figures with nine pieces of wood. The figure to be reproduced is located at the other end of the route. It will therefore have to go up to this table, try to memorize using the touch layout of the rooms and then to reproduce this figure. Small novelty : the loser of the race will be a vote against him at the time of the council !

Very quickly, Maximus wins the race and saves his skin ! It is followed by Clo, Cyril, Steeve, Nicolas and Angelica. Cindy, Aurélien and Mohamed follow. Thus, it is Maud who finishes last and will have a voice against it to the council.

After the test, Cindy and jimmy settle their accounts before Denis Brogniart and their peers. The winner precise be happy with his victory because he will be untouchable to the council, he who was in danger. Cindy is upset and reminds us that Maximus had in the past wanted to eliminate it.

After the night was complicated, everyone turns to find wood and rekindle the fire. Finally, everyone except Nicholas. What annoy Aurélien… But this is after saying that he, like a lot of adventurers. The latter has a totem, it is so Angelic that is at risk of leaving tonight. Aware of the danger, she chats with her classmates and tries to direct the vote against Nicolas. As a last resort, the young woman asks Steeve the immunity necklace that Beatrice had left him.


Even before the vote, the adventurers claim that Maxim to its “teacher of philosophy“, not enough sociable. “It is linear and boring, “says Steeve. Each of his rebuke and jimmy accepts the criticism.

During the counting of ballots, the ballots on behalf of Angelica, Maud and Aurélien accumulate. Without surprise, it is Angelica who is eliminated.