Koh-Lanta 2019 : Beatrice removed, to his great surprise, betrayal, and tensions !

Victor, Emily, Chloe and Xavier have been disposed of Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads (TF1) whereasAliséa and Carinne have left the game for medical reasons. Last week, Frédéric has been sacrificed by the ambassadors and Alexander was eliminated at the first council of the tribe reunited. This Friday 3 may 2019, a new adventurer has been forced to leave the show…

Game comfort

For this first game of individual comfort, the adventurers have the mission to stand in balance on the pyramids that are floating in the middle of the ocean. The winner receives a baptism of diving in a place where, if he was lucky, he might come across manta rays ! After being spent, the winner will benefit of fruits and fresh fruit juice to regain strength and will have the opportunity to relax in a hammock.

Hard to resist to waves and wind gusts… Brice, Beatrice, Clo, Steeve, Nicolas, Cyril… They all fall like flies. The event will be corsica for the seven other adventurers : they must place their feet on the pegs higher and less thick. Maud and Mohamed does not hold. New stage : the candidates still in the running needs to get their support up a notch ! Sophie, Angelique and Cindy fall, Maxime and Aurélien are fighting for first place. And finally it is a Maxim that wins the game !

At the baptism of diving well deserved, the candidate has crossed several manta rays. It is clear from the comfort the smile, very happy to have been able to discover the underwater life. And then it tastes of mangoes and bananas, his favorite fruit.

On the camp, Cyril tries to seduce his comrades in preparing an infusion of the fruits and the sugar cane. Mission accomplished, since all are under the charm ! During a moment of swimming with Sophie, he made it clear that he does not want to leave. The latter, ex-Yellow, assures him that it is not against any policy change in its favour. On his side, Maud also tries to save his skin by talking with his comrades… Clo and Beatrice begin to annoy of this behavior that they deem “too much“.

The strategies and assumptions on their future, the adventurers are quickly brought back to reality : there is almost no more rice ! The food supply won’t last long… Fortunately, Cyril has dug up some hearts of palm.

Immunity challenge

The adventurers are faced with a mythical race of Koh-Lanta : the obstacle course ! To be fair, it will take place in two stages : the journey of women, then men. They will have all six obstacles to be overcome. The two winners will face off for the final !

In women, Beatrice and Maud have a slight lead. Finally, Angelica caught up and finished first. In men, Aurélien takes the lead and is followed closely by Steeve and Maxime. While he was in third, Maxime goes first and wins the course ! Angelique and Maxim compete for the final victory. They need to go back and forth on a beam to go pick them up one by one of the representations of manta rays in the wood. The goal is to be the first to recover the six pieces of wood. More at ease than her comrade in balance, Maxime won the event, therefore, it is immune to the board ! It was his second consecutive victory.

With the commission’s approach, the discussion is strategy. Cindy doubt of Maxim and has the impression of being a pawn. With Cyril, she plans to vote against Beatrice soon. But for now, the votes are directed against Maud. Clo joined the duo on this plan and even confesses that it begins to no longer support Maxim and its air of “great sage who knows everything“. For its part, Angelic dream rather to eliminate Nicolas, less deserving than Maud. Brice, ex-Blue, does not vote against Cyril or Maud and approach the ex-Reds to offer them to vote against Angelique. Finally, the old Blues and old Reds agree to remove Beatrice, only Mohamed had some reservations.


This evening, several of the adventurers are in danger and not know it. Béatrice, Nicolas, or Angelica may be disposed of by the old Blues, who were allied to Maud and Cyril, which has a double vote.

At the counting of the ballots, it is Beatrice who is eliminated… much to his surprise. The player does not understand this reversal of the situation. She had, as a reminder, inherited the immunity necklace to Victor that she has decided to pass to Steeve, the adventurer that she considers “the most right“. But this is not all : she also leaves her black vote.