Koh-Lanta 2019 – Brice surprised by Cindy’s naked breasts : “I have found it to be abused !”

In the episode of Koh-Lanta, the war-chiefs broadcast on 21 march 2019 on TF1, the beautiful Cindy is prélassait in the sun. Under the eye of his comrades, the young woman knocked down the top of her bathing suit. What let Clo and Brice puzzled… weeks later, and then eliminated from the famous adventure game, the young athlete explains his reaction to Purepeople.com.

At the time, that surprises me. We were all in the process of fetching wood, caring for the camp. The first days were those where he had to be the most active I think. This was not his case, lance Brice. I know that Cindy does not see it like that but to me it was inconceivable to come on Koh-Lanta , and sunbathing, from the early days. This was not the Koh-Lanta as I imagined.

In reality, this is not the fact that the young Bordeaux enjoys the sun of the Fiji islands, which was disturbed, but his “how to tan“, i.e. topless. “We can tan normally as did all the adventurers, but to remove the bikini top, I find that it really makes a vacation to the beach. I thought it was a bit abused. I had the impression that she was in vacation mode and I thought it was a pity, “he continued. Besides, if Cindy wants to “come and sunbathe topless on the cote basque, where he lives, Brice is said to be the “first to promote” !

But Brice does “not regret it at all [his] reaction“. “It was at the time. I may have had words that he was not to be, I don’t remember it very well, but I do not regret, “he concludes.

Recall that Cindy had already spoken on this subject with our colleagues from the Parisian : “It put me ill at ease to see how it was mounted. This was not really it. I wasn’t really topless. My break lasted only fifteen minutes, in order not to spend energy unnecessarily.

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