Koh-Lanta 2019 : Mohamed eliminated and thin, “my daughter did not recognize me”

Koh-Lanta is the adventure of a lifetime. After having spent thirty days in the Fiji islands, Mohamed, eliminated during the last episode of The War of the heads circulated on Friday 24 may 2019 on TF1, is another man. Physically, it has changed a lot – and, in particular, lost weight – and he has even changed his eating habits as he entrusts them with Purepeople.com.

On his return to Strasbourg, where he lives with his wife Julie and their two children, Mohamed has been moved. Returning to his family has been intense, as much as her 2 year old daughter has not known ! “I had the beard, I had lost weight and I was all tanned. She did not want to come to me, I don’t recognize. It took a few hours, or a day, before she approaches me…“says the adventurer. Fortunately, he was able to take comfort in seeing his older brother of 4 years “stuck to [his] leg” during the day.

It is necessary to say that Mohammed has completely melted in Koh-Lanta : “I’ve lost almost 14 pounds, this is huge. I have since regained a few pounds. But I started a new challenge on the way home, the marathon de Paris. I took my big loss of weight to prepare my body.” By participating in the adventure game, the contractor weighed 95 pounds. Today, his scale reads 90 pounds. A weight that he is trying to keep stabilizing.

Thirty days of adventure have changed his relationship with food. Now, Mohamed could “eat three, four days in a row the same dish“. More importantly, it is anti-waste : “I have a restaurant and I am at attention to you in the kitchen to monitor if you don’t go to waste, I can no longer stand it. All the world does not have enough to eat, the adventure has allowed me to become aware of it.” In conclusion, “Koh-Lanta has changed a lot of things” in the life of Mohamed.

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