Koh-Lanta 2019 : Nicholas and Maxime disposed of, crying spells, and strategies !

Since the kick-off of Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads on TF1, a number of candidates have left the game, the most on disposal and other, as Aliséa and Carinne, a medical decision. During this new episode, aired Friday, may 31, 2019, two adventurers, in turn, have left the camp white.

To the board, candidates to discuss the outcome of the latter, and, in particular, of the master stroke of Cyril, who releases his immunity necklace to the general surprise, which eliminate Mohamed. The former Red says he has referred Mohamed rather than Nicolas, because the Belgian was “more measured” in his words. They all praise the game of Cyril before you reach the island… where the strategies come together already.

At the residence of the final jury, Beatrice, Brice, Sophie, Alexandre, Frédéric and Angélique discover the eliminated : Mohamed. Nobody expected it !

Game comfort

The need of the hour is the first event of the day. The winner will be entitled to a privileged moment of fishing on the archipelago and will be able to taste the fish caught. But to hope to feed themselves, the adventurers are faced with a climbing wall with ten-eight detachable plugs and numbered, that it will be necessary to remove as and measure. The one that will hold as long as possible on the final shot to win the game.

So that the first tabs are easy to remove, things get ugly over time. Cindy is the first to fall. It is followed by Maud, Nicolas, and Steeve and Cyril a little later. The winner is between Aurelian, stuntman, and Maxim, which went on to totems. And finally it is a Maxim that wins the game ! He has the right to invite a classmate to enjoy its comfort and chooses Steeve, who had expressed his desire to win the event for his son, a fan of fishing.

The duo took advantage of this magical moment. After fishing, they find themselves on a beautiful beach where a tray of vegetables with fish is waiting for them.

On the camp, Maud suffers. During the race, she hurt ribs. Now is the time to rest up for it… on their side, and Cindy Clo discuss strategy. They are planning to vote against Maxime if he does not win immunity. Cyril and Aurélien try to fish and earn a cute fish to their classmates ! Lost in all of the strategies, Clo crack. She is tearful and says infront of the camera not wanting to hurt anyone… It must be said that the young woman is caught between two alliances. She is engaged with Maxim and at the same time has given his word to Cindy.


Before you even announce the rules of the game, Denis Brogniart gives the tone : the loser is eliminated on the field ! The winner did not win the pole. To continue the adventure, the candidate must compose a frieze of wood. For this, they have eleven parts, three horizontal and eight vertical. The victory will go to the fastest.

It is under pressure that the adventurers embark. Steeve is the first to form its wave ! Aurélien follows, in front of Maxime, Maud, Clo, Cyril and Cindy. Thus, it is Nicolas who is eliminated !

Back on the camp, the adventurers down the departure of their comrade… and to resume policy discussions without further delay. Cindy, Clo, Cyril, Maud and Aurélien are considering a vote against Maxime if he does not win the pole.

Immunity challenge

New test ! Candidates have the mission of holding standing, holding a vertical pole in the middle of the ocean by pressing the feet on the pegs only two centimeters each. He is of the race of the koala, to the vertical. Before the start of the race, Cyril explains that the goal is that Maxim did not win this game, for once, history of leaving its place to the other. Annoyed, Maxime takes it as jealousy. A sentence that does not…

While all hold the position, the test is complicated. The cleats on which they need to take to reduce one inch. Maud is the first to fall. After it, Clo, Steeve, Cindy and jimmy go also. All plays between Aurelian and Cyril… It is ultimately He who wins the event ! Maxime, knowing that, melts into tears.

Maxim tries for everything and is close to Steeve, who has an immunity necklace. His plan is that the votes are concentrated on him, and that he brandisse the jewel of his comrade in the council. He wishes to eliminate Cyril.


Recall that Steeve is not the only one to have an immunity necklace. Cindy, too, has one. The time is now for a vote. Each scrolls… Before the counting, Denis Brogniart request if an adventurer wants to play its collar. Nobody reacts, the ballots are all accounted for.

Without surprise, it is Maxime who is eliminated. He leaves his black vote to Clo.

Appointments exceptionally, in two weeks, Friday June 14, 2019 from 21h on TF1 to follow the next episode of Koh-Lanta, the war of chiefs.