Koh-Lanta 2019 : Settlement of account, strategy… which has not been released !

The elimination of Beatrice is making a lot of noise during the last episode of Koh-Lanta, the war chiefs released yesterday, Friday may 3, 2019 on TF1. As shown in the images, the idea of dropping the old head of Yellow comes from Cindy. On social networks, the young strategist takes for his grade… in the Face of criticism and insults, it replicates !

It is on Instagram that the beautiful bordeaux took the floor, revealing itself to be insulted and lynchée since the departure of Beatrice in the camp of the tribe reunited to Koh-Lanta. “It is shameful, and in all honesty these messages don’t affect me, I hope that you will forgive this disappointment because life is going to be very difficult and cruel because believe me there are things much more serious, be armed“, she wrote.

Cindy is back on the surprise elimination of the female soccer player : “I regret nothing. I had no alliance with it, a lot of respect for the competitor but no more affinity than that and I did absolutely not betrayed.” Even more, Cindy, who introduces himself as “honest, honest and transparent“, says that “many things were not shown“. Thus, since the reunification, Beatrice had “a strategy with Maxime, Brice and Sophie” : “She was not an angel, and has requested through the Maxime and Brice to change our vote against Maud to vote against Angelic, but all of it in the greatest discretion, of course.

A strategy “perfect“. “Facing the camera, she complied with his Yellow team by voting against Maud, and we had to wear the hat for the elimination of Angelica, “says Cindy. He should just assume that it is and the fact of being in a game. I did not understand this reversal of the situation, especially, in that Angelica had won the obstacle course and, personally, didn’t bother me !” Besides, the old comrade of Frederick reveals that a “settling of accounts after the council” has not been released. “It is a pity, you would have learned a lot of things“, she says. And to conclude : “I am not a sheep, I have my beliefs and I’m proud of it.

This development could well change the vision of some viewers !