Kylian Mbappé and silver : revenues and benefits colossal MTP

He was 20 years old only : Kylian Mbappé is already champion of the world of football and evolves in the prestigious Paris Saint-Germain. This is one of the best footballers of his generation. Arnaud Hermant, reporter at The Team and an expert in the PSG, published a biography of the footballer, Mbappé the phenomenon (may 9 editions of The archipelago), of which the Sunday Newspaper has provided a few pages of tasty treats in detail the income of the player in his club.

Arnaud Hermant confirms that Kylian Mbappé, passing from Monaco to Paris during the summer of 2017, has hit the jackpot and multiplied his winnings by 13. And this is not the end : “In 2019-2020, a new increase is expected, bringing the monthly gross salary to 1 625 836 euros.” A wage that will continue to increase steadily. This is 20.7 million euros as pocket the young man a year before taxes.

Obviously, these fixed-income in addition to advertising income, but also bonuses and benefits. At PSG, there is a premium of ethics for players. Sort of a bonus for good behaviour, particularly towards the supporters : the salute is one of the rules for receiving this award had explained the club to the Parisian. In the case of Kylian Mbappé, it represents the sum of 1.4 million euros for the season 2018-2019. An extra non-negligible as the bonus Ball of gold if he got the title, which amounts to a little over 1 million.

30 000 euros, it is a gift !

Our fellow-member of The Team also enumerates the many advantages that benefit the world champion in Paris : moving expenses upon his arrival, 5 VIP tickets for his family for every game, etc, The most impressive is this premium of 30 000 euros on a monthly basis to use as it sees fit, the rent or a driver.

Even more astonishing for novices in the world of football, the protection afforded by the PSG in the event of a tax adjustment or tax increases. “PSG undertakes to pay his player if the latter has been badly advised in its investments (…) To ensure that the net salary of its players, the club will hand to the pocket if Mbappé should be subject to additional taxes, “writes Arnaud Hermant.

It’s better to be surrounded by, and this seems to be the case of Kylian Mbappé whose parents are very present. Le Figaro recently reported, then he had been meeting with the legend Pele, that her mother forbade her to buy a Ferrari because he was too young. “She sees to the grain, confided to a close, watching his son as the milk on the fire, preventing it from yielding to the intoxication of glory (…) Mrs Mbappé valid for all choices of Kylian. She thinks he is too young to have a Ferrari when he has the permit and will prefer that he wears a watch that is not the most expensive or the most flashy.