Lady Louise Windsor star coupling, Mia Tindall tries to rock climbing

If the duke of Edinburgh has made his driving licence following a serious accident that he has caused in January 2019 and is content now to do the steering coupling on the private area of Windsor, her descendants took up the torch : while it is discovered recently his grandson viscount James at the wheel of a Land Rover just 11 years old, Lady Louise Windsor, big sister of the latter, continues to have a passion for the sport favorite of his grand-father.

On the occasion of the Royal Windsor Horse Show (8-13 may 2019), the great equestrian event on the land of queen Elizabeth II, in Berkshire, the 15 year old girl has made a new release with the reins in hand and was able to assess its progress to specialists. In dress and horse-riding and hat on the head, the daughter of prince Edward, in the audience with James, and the countess Sophie of Wessex, she is also seen driving a team, was even competing this year at the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of the British Driving Society, the competition of hitch sponsored by the champagne house’s French it has taken the third place, for his third participation. In 2017, the young girl, who also practice polo popular of his cousins William and Harry, had had the honour to lead the procession of teams engaged in the meeting. In passing, it will be observed that Lady Louise, who has already had one corrective surgery eyes, currently passes by the box braces and wearing rings.

The british royal family has largely moderated the section coupler of the Royal Windsor Horse Show since prince Philip, 97 years old, and prince Michael of Kent, a 76-year-old, first cousin of the sovereign, were seen holding the reins. During the week, Mia Tindall (5 years old), daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall, and his cousins Savannah (8 years old) and Isla (7 years) Phillips, who go to the meetings and show jumping, have also been reported, rather interested in the climbing activity.