Laetitia (love is in the meadow) : The break with Raoul !

Laetitia already knew Raoul before the filming of The love is in the meadow. In fact, they were crossed at the Meeting, where they inhabit two, three days before the portrait of the farmer is registered for the 13th season of the reality show presented by Karine Le Marchand. With that the pretty brunette in the lead, Raoul had made him the surprise of the invite-only speed dating in paris, before ending up on their island in the Indian ocean. In November 2018, when the distribution of the balance sheet, the couple had announced that they moved in together. “A year since you smiled at me for the 1st time. A year that you have laid your eyes on me. A year since the 1st meeting. A year that you have messed up my heart“, had written Laetitia on Instagram, in January.