Laetitia Milot, her daughter Lyana has 1 year old : great photo, and tender words,

May 14 is a special date for Laetitia Milot since it is on this date, in 2018, she gave birth to her daughter, Lyana, the fruit of her love with Badri. In this day so particular actress has published on Instagram a new photo of her child and a message full of tenderness.

It is at 17: 50, precise time that her daughter was born that the actress 38-year-old posted a snapshot of her little family. The couple and the little girl are all three dressed in white. Lyana takes the pose in the arms of her dad, under the gaze fond of his mom. A picture immortalized in the garden of the couple. “After a long struggle you have pointed the tip of your nose may 14, 2018, at 17: 50. Already 1 year ! You émerveilles our life, thanks to you we know what is happiness. You are our ray of sunshine, our baby love, our miracle baby, we will always be there for you we love you very much, thank you life. Happy birthday to Lyana, “wrote Laetitia Milot in the legend.