Larusso joined Stars 80 : “Jean-Luc Lahaye is my revelation”

Great novelty of the tour Stars 80 this spring, BENNY B and Larusso come to bring their touch of the 90’s. This may 18 2019, the two artists will be at the side of Sabrina, Émile et Images, Patrick Hernandez or Julie Pietri at the Stade de France for a concert event ushering in a new tour throughout France. With the return on stage and the release of his new song, Believe me, went to the meeting Larusso, who this year celebrates the 20 years of its tube, You will forget me.

After six years on the scene, and four tours at success, integration into the troop, however, is made “beautifully” for Larusso : “I was accepted more with open arms. I’m a little bit the mascot of the Stars 80 ! I am the baby of the troupe, then a beautiful baby 39-year-old of course… They are more kind to each other, the more wonderful one than the other. Artists of talent, in the sacred characters.”

Among the many artists performing this year on the tour, the singer admits to having a weakness for some of them : “Sabrina is still beautiful, this is my girlfriend, I love it ! Patrick Hernandez, it is my Born to be a blanket…” But if there is one that acts as a revelation for Larusso, it is Jean-Luc Lahaye : “I knew him really not, in fact, I had heard things right to left, not very pretty, I had a bad opinion, like a lot of people, “she says, referring to his conviction for sexual assault on a minore in 2007. And there, I encounter a type that’s fabulous. This is a guy great, a hell of a singer.”

Larusso will be touring with Stars 80 until December 2019. His new single Believe me was released on may 3. An album is in preparation for next fall.