Laura Smet : it’s Soft declaration of love to her mother Nathalie Baye

In this film released in 2002, Nathalie Baye plays with Jean-Pierre Bacri a couple without history who lives in a house in the paris region. In the neighboring house settled Francis and Edith with which relations will be established and is complicate…

If it has been a long time, Laura Smet and Nathalie Baye are working more often together. We saw it in an episode of Ten percent, The Babysitters, but also for the short film, Laura, called Thomas. “This is a great chance to be able to direct an actress like this. For me, it’s just the greatest French actress, “explained on Europe 1, before the shooting. She admitted even that the more she talks, the more “stress” to work with such an actress. Stating then : “We get on really well in the job, maybe even better than in private life.

However, in his personal life, Nathalie Baye has always been there for her daughter and she has supported him more than ever in the face of the depression in 2007 , and the disappearance of her father, Johnny Hallyday in 2017. They are praising the one from the other by the media in which they or on the social networks. So lately, it is the actress of 70-year-old who posted a beautiful photo of his daughter, married to Raphael Lancrey-Javal, writing : “My Laura a few years ago @sylviagalmot