Laurence Boccolini discharge from the hospital : she gives her new

As a reminder, the presenter, soon to be back in control of I’m a celebrity, get me out of here, had alerted her fans last may 15 by posting a photo of the three infusions. “Legend : ‘Christmas Tree defeathered who did not bring a gift !’ Finally, let’s be fair anyway, for my birthday [may 8] in the past there was a nice gift under the tree… The kindness and the responsiveness of the Professor C. that saved my life. Sometimes you refuse to listen to that voice in your ear that warns you and tells you that everything can change in a second. Then it is necessary to listen, not to try to give the exchange with the smile and everything else pales to insignificance… Everything. Absolutely EVERYTHING. Thank you to Calixte and Isabelle for being at my side. Friends / family forever“, the story in legend.

For the time being, we still do not know what she suffers from.