Laurent Ournac : Rare photo of her two children, accomplices, and assorted

This is the first time that the followers of Laurent Ournac discover the faces of Nasturtium and Leo in the same photo. Shortly after the birth of her little boy, he had published an image crisp with his daughter during a break at the cinema, while the little Leo was with his mom.

Filled by his daughter, the actor is now thrilled with the arrival of his son, even when fatigue begins to be felt for the young dad. “This is the happiness ! We are much more relaxed than the first time where we had prepared everything in advance, he gave our colleagues from Télé Star. The nights are a bit short at the moment. We are lucky, our children are relatively quiet. Even if I am absent due to filming, we try to organize to have a family life just about balanced. My wife is super, and manages it all very well.