Léa Seydoux mom : “My son is very handsome, I love it”

Léa Seydoux has always been very discreet about his married life. We know that she is the companion of André Meyer, the father of his son Georges, born in January 2017. In Madame Figaro, she doesn’t mention his love life, but is very enthusiastic about the idea of talking to her boy of 2 years : “He is very handsome, I love it… I liked the pregnancy, everything that is linked to maternity. Be with my son, spend time together, delights me. I am curious to know what he perceives in the world or feels, even if he only has 2 and a half years. I observe the way things resonate in him. As he is observant, focused, curious… I’ve always wanted to be a mother, that is a certainty.”

With his son and his lover, Lea Seydoux resource in Brittany, a region she loves and where she owns a house. It can devour the local cuisine : “I’m super greedy.” But this is not the only aspect that pleases him : “I love the wild side of Britain. It connects me to my animal nature. It is a place where I feel myself alive.

Read the full interview in the magazine Madame Figaro, may 3, 2019