Lenovo shows a prototype of a laptop screen foldable

Although the Galaxy Fold and Mate X have everything to prove, Lenovo already at top speed and ad, not a smartphone screen foldable, but a laptop screen foldable. The chinese manufacturer has presented to the press a prototype of a device equipped with an OLED display LG that can close like a book.

Image Engadget

The device has no physical keyboard, would it not be better to speak of tablet foldable ? Lenovo insists on the term ‘laptop, having regard to the operating system (Windows), Intel processor (we don’t know which) and the screen size (13,3″, for a definition of 1920 x 1440 pixels).

The first taken in hand (Engadget, Ars Technica, The Verge…) already show an interesting possibility offered by the screen foldable : the device is placed on the thighs, the lower part of the screen can accommodate the virtual keyboard while the upper part is tilted in front of itself for a good vision (the device does not switch in this position, the lower part, which contains the battery, is heavier).

Image The Verge

You can also take the device to half-open, like a book, for a better grip, or use it in a more conventional, screen fully unfolded, with a small physical keyboard wireless as well as a stylus.

Lenovo reports that it works for already three years on this product which has no name yet but that will be part of the family of portable high-end ThinkPad X1. A lot of work remains to be done : the operating system and the apps are not yet adapted to the screens flexible — but Microsoft is working on the topic — and the material itself is unfinished. According to the journalists, the viewing angles of the screen are mediocre, the tint turns blue when you look at the display of bias.

Image Ars Technica

Many questions remain unanswered : what will become of the autonomy of the components, the price and the durability, in particular ? Lenovo still has the time to fine-tune its product. The output is not expected before 2020, without more of precision.

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