Lessons from Angela Ahrendts on her transition to Apple

Angela Ahrendts has spoken for the first time since his departure from Apple. Replaced last month by Deirdre O’brien, the former head of the Apple Store explains in the podcast Hello Monday to have learned three lessons from his five years in Cupertino. The lessons that she has not learned alone, she says, but working with the 70,000 employees of the shops.

The first is that we must never forget where we come from. In its early years, by visiting the Apple Store, she heard sentences such as ” Steve [Jobs] said that our job was to enrich the lives of people “, or Steve this and Steve that. ” I would have been able to ignore all of that, but no, I thought that it was necessary to codify it, to protect it “, she explains. The past should serve as the foundation, writes Angela Ahrendts.

His second lesson is that it should ” go more quickly than you could ever imagine. “ A message that caters more to the officers than to employees, since they are the ones that speed up the movement : ” They live on YouTube and Instagram, they expect that your leadership takes the same form. “ Angela Ahrendts has applied this precept in addressing particular each week to all of its teams through a video.

Finally, the third lesson is ” don’t forget that you have a great responsibility. “ And further :

It is not only to run a store or sell phones. This is not it. You have a responsibility much greater. Perhaps this is what Steve meant when he talked about enriching the lives of people and when he talked of the impact of the liberal arts and technology on humanity.

I had not intended to use the word humanity, but I was talking to my teams on the impact they could have on their communities. And it is this that the experience Today at Apple, which is free, teaches. This is not a coincidence that [the workshops] are for the liberal arts : how to make you a better videographer, photographer, developer, or musician. Because I truly believe that this is what you’ll need in the future. I also believe that the liberal arts were perhaps what was missing a bit in the blinds.

An employee of Apple Store, Angela Ahrendts. Image Apple.

That have chosen for their part the employees of the Apple Store of their former manager ? All those we interviewed agree that the changes have been profound. Opinions differ then in their positive aspect or negative.

When an employee feels that the workshops Today at Apple ” have enriched the life of the people “, another believes that they are not free is not necessarily a good thing :

At the time of the One-to-One, the Creative [staff training] had a lot of training to animate in the store. Saw that the subscription was paid, the clients were to attend their courses. Today it is completely free, but we are no longer alone with the trainer, but group-by-group. As it is free, customers are less willing to make the move and if no one is enrolled in the course, Creative patient, or dealing with receipts or other, which is not its main mission normally.

Another employee welcomes the numerous internal promotions and new jobs created ” to deal with the explosion of the workload of the Genius Bar and to keep the experienced employees. “ But at the same time, it deplores a decrease in the level of technical competence. In a article of Challenges, a union delegate criticized the lack of training on the new products exhibited by the teams.

The successeure Angela Ahrendts has the particularity to have a dual role : Deirdre O’brien is the manager of the Apple Store, and human resources. Will she take advantage of this position to review the logistics of human shops ?