Lightyear One : soon the first prototype for the electric car driving on solar

For the environment, this is not quite the same thing if the electricity that powers your car comes from a nuclear power plant, a hydroelectric dam, or the sun. The Dutch manufacturer Lightyear wants to do the event with his Lightyear One, the first car whose energy comes from the sun, more specifically solar panels which cover a portion of the vehicle body.

Long battery life and quick charge

The company will unveil a prototype of his car on June 25. It will be just a concept car before the production, but the project is promising. The Lightyear One must address two issues : first, the autonomy. The battery of the vehicle can drive 600 to 800 miles on a single charge, depending on use.

The Lightyear One has, therefore, been developed to derive the greatest profit from his farm, with four-wheel drive, a lot of work on the aerodynamics and the weight of the vehicle. The roof of the car is covered with solar panels that feed into the battery permanently. The other advantage advanced by the manufacturer, it is the speed of the recharge.

The solar sensors do not allow to charge the battery at the bottom, you will be able to plug in the car on a standard outlet. In one night, Lightyear promises an autonomy of 400 km. The car manufacturer has already started taking bookings for the One : more than 100 people have started to make the virtual tail for a delivery next year. The prices are salty, they are in fact beginning to 119.000 €, excluding taxes and without option…