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Live Succulent Lithops Cactus Plant | Ceropegia woodii Schltr.

  • A live succulent plant. It is an alive succulent but not a model. The shape and the color may be changed by different environments. So, it may be not the same as the pictures shown in the inventory. If you want a model, please order from others. Thank you!
  • Please check your order information once you purchase. The estimated delivery date is set by Amazon. It is just a limit. If there is no delivery information after the estimated delivery date, please contact me. The processing time is around 3 business days. If you want to cancel, please contact me within the processing days. Thank you!
  • It always takes 2-4 weeks to arrive. But more or less depends on the carriers in countries. After the long shipment, the succulents may not be in perfect condition. But they may still alive and easy to recover. So, if there is any problem when you receive, please contact me with pictures within 48hours of delivery. So, please at least keep the boxes received for 48hours of delivery. Thank you!
  • I can send succulents to many countries. But I can't set it for some reasons. So, if you can't purchase from me because I can't send to you, please contact me. I will try. Thank you!

Product description

1. We will try to ship succulents with bare root after dry. This may take time to process. It depends on our local weather conditions. So if you are in a hurry, please be cautious to buy. Proper dehydration ensures that succulents do not rot during long-distance transport. Succulents consume their own water during transport to maintain metabolism, so it is normal for the plants you receive to dry up. After receiving it, plant it in slightly damp soil, do not water, do not expose to the sun, and place it in a cool, ventilated place. It can be recovered in about 1 week and can be watered and exposed to light.
2. The plants you receive may not be the same colour or shape as the promotional pictures. Each plant is unique, so it won't be exactly the same as the model in the picture, but they are the same variety. The colour and state of succulents vary with seasons, light, and climate. As the lack of light in long-distance transportation, the colour of the plants will fade which is normal. But in a sunny and ventilated environment, they can achieve the most beautiful state through your good care.
3. Some varieties of leaves are easy to fall, which is a normal phenomenon, especially in long-distance transportation. But usually, the fallen leaves can be used to grow new life. You can try it for fun.
4. When you plant a plant into a new pot, the leaves around the plant will dry out. Don't worry, this is normal, indicating that plants are consuming the energy of the leaves to grow new roots.
5. If the plants you received are a little rotted or broken, check the branches and roots of the plants for rot. If the roots are intact, it means the plants are healthy and can be survived. You can first remove the decayed or broken leaves and plant them. Place it in a ventilated place to maintain it and it can be restored. If you find that the whole plant is rotten and damaged when you open the package, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt and we will help you.

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