Loot boxes : in Belgium, Nintendo is going to remove Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes

As of August 27, “Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp” and “Fire Emblem Heroes”, will be more downloadable or even playable in Belgium, announced Nintendo. The fault in the system of “loot boxes” or “goodie bags” pay only use these games to provide bonuses to players that want to progress more quickly.

Since April 25, 2018, this content, the exact nature of which is random and whose players may not be aware, before the purchase, are considered as games of chance by the gaming Commission in belgium.

A conclusion to the era after the study of four of the titles (Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront II, FIFA 18, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and that has had consequences for several others that have removed this option.

EA had changed the display of these loot boxes in FIFA 19, with indication of probabilities on what players customers are going to discover in the packs (the App Store made it an obligation since the end of 2017). But in Belgium, the publisher has finally decided to return to this mode of progression, paying, cancelling the principle Points FIFA to buy to get packs FIFA Ultimate Team.

Nintendo made a step aside, speaking of “a situation that is ambiguous on some methods of monetization in the games in Belgium ” (belgian commission warned last year of potential criminal sanctions in case of violations).

The japanese editor will not launch in Belgium of other games based on this same mechanism. For both titles the condemned, he said : “All the players from Belgium with tickets green and/or orbs on their behalf, may continue to use before the end of the service. “(also read In Nintendo, Fire Emblem Heroes collects the bet).

In France, the topic of the loot boxes is still under study within a working group led by the regulatory Authority of online games that needs to deliver soon its conclusions (read Loot box : jackpot for publishers, bankruptcy for the players). 16 european regulators have seized about last September and have shown a desire to set a frame around this market of micro-transactions in video games.